Assignment 2

Just putting my finishing touches on assignment 2. I’m hoping that I haven’t missed anything. I’m just glad that this is another assignment done, which means one more step towards becoming a fully qualified teacher. The journey I went through completing this assignment has proven to be quite difficult. After reading peoples posts in forums I thought that I wasn’t on the right track at all. Thank God for friends. I was able to talk to a few people and they cleared up the worries that I was having with the assignment. Now that this assignment is over I can begin on my next one! This course is nearing its end. But before it ends I still have the joy of going on prac. I’m still not sure where my prac school is going to be. I am hoping that they release the placements soon as I am eager to get in touch with my mentor!

Not too happy

I received my assignment 1 results today. They were quite disappointing. The marker said that I had a lack of imagination which was not expected as I thought I had put a lot of imagination into my prezi. But I suppose not. Oh well I’m just hoping that I do better on my next assignment. Need to buckle down and study my little bottom off! On a brighter note I can say that I have done a fair amount of my assignment and I think it is coming along. Even though it is actually quite confusing. The different unit templates and lesson plan templates that we come across in each different subject can prove to be confusing. You think you have it down pat one way and then BOOM, there is a new template to use. I suppose its good in a way because we get to learn about a lot of different templates that might be used in different schools.

Taking advice from peers

I have been looking at some of my friends blogs and today I came across Amanda Jones blog post about her instructional model. There are so many different models to look at and as Amanda did I usually choose the 5E’s model before any other. A link that Amanda has added to her page which I found interesting is linked below. It is interesting to think of all the different types of models that we are pre-service teachers can use in our lessons or units, we just need to find one that is right for us.


Beginning Assignment 2

This week I have been looking through what we need to do for assignment 2. It doesn’t look too hard however there is a lot of different parts that will need to be addressed. This week we have been looking at pointers to useful resources. I have been looking at different resources that I find to be useful and for assignment 2 I have found a few sites that might prove to be helpful in a lesson. I have found a few sites that allows you to create your own comic strip. I am considering encorporating this into my second assignment as part of the students task. Pixton is a UK site that allows you to create your own comic strip with quite advanced characters and pictures. Make Beliefs Comics is another online site that you can make simpler black and white comics that do not have as much detail. They are quite interesting and after having a play around with these sites, I believe that students would have a great time making their own stories in the form of a comic strip.

My learning journey

I am amazed by the amount I am learning from both this course and my peers. Before I began this course I thought that I new A LOT about technology, but I suppose that I have been proved wrong. This course has really been an eye opener to see how much I really do not know. Even though I use my computer a lot when it comes to creating assignments, doing casual research, or just having a bit of fun, I really don’t know the full potential that technology has to offer me. The kids at work probably know more about technology than I do. I’ve seen one of their younger siblings walk into our service carrying and playing on an Ipad. Seriously HOW do children understand technology so well. It amazes me that a 3 year old can pick up a device and know more about it in a day than an older person would in a week.

Today I have been reading through the assignment 2 notes and there were some questions that I thought I might answer on here.

The first question was:

1. What do you think and feel about concepts and ideas you have engaged with?

I feel quite overwhelmed as I didn’t realise how little I knew about technology.

2. Did anything inspire you?

Believe it or not I have been inspired by my peers more than anything. The amount of people that know as little as I do gives me a good reason to push forward and learn as much as possible.

3. What puzzled you? What seemed difficult or contradictory?

I don’t think that anything in particular has puzzled me. However there is always time for that to happen.

4. What do you need to know more about and how can you get that knowledge?

There are a few things I think that I need to know more about, however there is an amazing search engine that I use… it’s GOOGLE! it helps me with a lot of stuff.

5. Have any of your opinions or values changed?

I don’t think so. I just think that if technology takes over too much in schools, there won’t be enough children that know how to write properly as they will always be typing.

6. What can you do better next time? To learn better?

I am not entirely sure what I would change next time. Probably my time management skills!

7. How can I use what I’ve learned in my teaching?

I am going to be a very ICT based teacher as I find it an interesting way to teach.

8. What do I need to know to use that in my teaching?

To make sure that I choose carefully everything that I need.

Vacation care!

I am finding it really hard to find time to update my blog while we are on uni vacation. While it may be a vacation for some it is just extra work for others. While we are on holidays so are the students at schools and I have the wonderful job of filling their days with fun activities at vacation care. Finding time to do assignments is also proving to be difficult, on vacation you generally want time for FUN! Oh well I suppose the harder I study the better grades I will get and I will be happy to graduate university as a teacher.

End of Assignment 1 and week 5!

Assignment 1 is now over and its time to play the waiting game. I am a little worried that I won’t do as well as I hope for this assessment as I lost a lot of time while I was sick. Hopefully the markers will take this into consideration! During the week 5 study schedule we were to think about integrating ICTs and different ways in which I can select these ICTs. After looking at the Australian Curriculum I believe that there are many ways in which you can integrate ICT into a classroom lesson. In the English Curriculum a criteria states that students must:

  • Creating texts

Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts demonstrating increasing control over text structures and language features and selecting print,and multimodal elements appropriate to the audience and purpose (ACELY1682)

It is showing us in the curriculum that we need to incorporate multimodal elements into our teaching. There are many different ways that a lesson can be made interesting by integrating ICTs into it. The students generally become more interested and stay more focused if they are able to use technology in the classroom to help complete their work. Something as simple as using an interactive whiteboard can be a great way to get students to participate. Having them come up and write something on the board can become and interesting and fun task for them. ICT is fun and interesting and is a great way to get children of all abilities interested in the lesson.

ICT integration

This week our task was to measure the success of our ICT integration. I believe that my success will depend on whether I have used the right tool for the learning task and that it meets the students needs. I have been reading other students blogs and I am finding them really interesting. Every student has their own view on ICTs in the classroom and it is amazing to read all of the different perspectives. I feel as though success of ICT integration all depends on the willingness of the teacher.



End of week 4

I have found this week quite challenging as I have been working on my artefact and trying a few different programs and sites to see which one I wanted to use. I have decided to use Piktochart as it is something that I found easy to use.

The Draw a stick man site that we were to look at at the beginning of the week was very interesting and fun to play with.  I think that students would have a good time interacting with this site.

Our assignment is due next week. Hope everything goes well!